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Bridal Registry Ideas

Creating a bridal registry can be such a fun task, or at least it is for us women! Unless you plan on adding televisions and blu-ray players, most men will take a back seat to this event, unless you give them a special SKU gun. Everyone always needs to add the basics like fine china, a microwave, flatware, and so on. This is the perfect time to ask people for those items that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase for yourself, the items you secretly want despite knowing that no one really needs them…I’m talking about those small kitchen appliances!

When browsing their selection of appliances at any good store, everything seems be lumped into two categories: what you need to survive and what’s really fun to own! When you are designing your home, the kitchen is often overlooked and small appliances can be so thought out later that most homes only have what every home has. It makes me groan!

How To Spend Other People’s Money..

Why spend your own money on a cotton candy machine when you can have Uncle Ned purchase it for you? Items like a chocolate fondue fountain, a popcorn maker, and an ice cream maker can be great to have as long as you plan on using them. Most people would love to own a fondue fountain but when are they really going to use it? Or, it could be that they will be so overjoyed with it that they start using it too much and well, then it becomes a waistline issue. Bottom line here is to think your choices through before adding them to your registry list.

Small Kitchen Appliance Ideas

Small kitchen appliances that all of us would probably use more often include waffle irons, fondue pots, single cup coffee makers, and indoor grills. Some of these items you might even find yourself on your regular shopping trips. If you live in an apartment, an indoor grill/griddle is a great addition. You can cook everything from hamburgers to paninis. If you opt for a griddle, breakfast will be a cinch because you can prepare your eggs, bacon, and pancakes all at once.

Fondue pots are fun for parties if you entertain a lot or you and your new hubby just love melted cheese and chocolate! Instead of asking for a boring normal coffee pot, many are switching to the single cup makers for fast coffee making. Now would also be a good time to add that espresso/cappuccino maker you’ve been drooling over, too.

Crock pots and rice cookers are not necessarily the first items added to the list of small kitchen appliances. Many brides just ask for a toaster, blender, and microwave. However, these can help expand your culinary skills to create new and easy meals. With a crock pot, just add in all the ingredients and let it do all the work. Anyone who enjoys rice with their meals knows what a pain cooking it (and cleanup) can be at times be. Rice cookers can be purchased for as little as $30-$40 and make for a perfect bridal registry addition.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun…

Before you immediately ask for the tenth dinnerware set, consider how much more fun it would be to open up those things you otherwise won’t buy yourself. You can sometimes find products you didn’t even know you need and that’s why adding them to your bridal registry instead of buying them yourself is a great idea!

Have fun. Take your time and enjoy the adventure. I’ve seen all too often young brides not giving their registry enough thought and later regretting it.


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