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How To Complete Spring Cleaning

Your Guide To Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning may seem like a huge task and let’s be honest, it kind of is. But, if you break up each of your chores over a few days or the entire month, you can totally pull off a total home refresh without using up entire weekends.

We made a thirty-day breakdown of tasks to mark off your checklist and help you with a 30 days of cleaning. With this plan you’ll have a sparkling home in just a month without the extra stress… let’s get started!

Window Cleaning

Grab your window cleaner; I use a vinegar product and it gets it done just fine. If you really want a deep clean, channel the pros and use a squeegee. Your space will be completely updated when the sun shines thru!

Dust Shelves

It’s shocking how much dust accumulate on shelve; especially from all the holiday decor that was taken down. Make sure to get to those hard to reach spots too; sometimes I will uses a slightly damp rag and dry wipe right after, but boy does it feel clean! Oil wood surfaces to keep wood preserved!

Dust Fans

I do this before I sweep and mop because you would not believe how much dirt comes off of these when you run them every day. Ceiling fans and even standing fans collect so much dust. Get into those vents so you don’t have pollutants blowing around your space.

Sweep Your Floors

Ok, we all should be doing this more, but make sure you give your home a thorough sweep through. Try not to get grossed out by how much is under the sofa or beds! Exactly why we should do the more – it’s great to have an everyday automatic sweeper!

Mop Those Floors

Now that your floors are all dust free, it’s a great time to give them some extra polish. Pull out your mop (love my Clorox Mop) comes with a bucket and it squeeze the mop out by swirling it and it really gives them a deep clean, Great purchase for around $25.00!!

Polish Wood Furniture

Make your wood furniture shine with a fresh polish. If you like a rustic, weathered look, feel free to take the day off.

Vacuum Rugs & Bat Area Rugs

There is way more dirt hiding in there than you may think.

I love taking my area rugs outside and batting them; I spray a little fresher on them and what a clean feeling when you bring them back in!

Shampoo Carpet

Can’t think of anything really worse than a gross carpet with stains. This task is a little harder to pull off yourself so we’ll allow you to call the pros in on this. Never felt like a store purchased cleaner was good enough!

Clean All Mirrors

Get some glass cleaner and make sure all those smudges are gone. Sparkling Clean and a great reflection!

Replace Batteries

Don’t wait until your smoke detector starts beeping to switch out those batteries. Also make sure you have a fresh supply in all your other small electronics.

Clean Microwave

Zap away those germs in your microwave with a solid cleaning. Might have to spray and soak – I’ve learned to clean as often as possible so you won’t have to soak and this eliminates stains too!

Clean Oven

Avoid having random flavors from previous meals ruin whatever you’re cooking with a good deep clean. I keep foil on the bottom of my oven to help drips… nothing like dripped cheese from my husbands reheating pizza or a sweet potato drip that can be a smelly mess!

Clean And Disinfect Trash Cans

Yes, a MUST and I take mine outside with some pine and or lemon cleaner.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

Instead of randomly throwing everything into a random cabinet, actually get organized so you can find every tool you need in an instant. My last cleaning I bought baskets and a closet door shelving unit from HD, great for canned items!

Deep Clean Fridge

Give your fridge a good scrub down to prevent any food spills turning into a major mold situation. Throw away all those expired condiments too! Wait until you really need groceries so you have less items to empty out. Have a box of baking soda ready for freshness!

Organize Your Desk

Don’t just clean up what’s on the surface. Empty those drawers and get everything in order. Trust me, it will totally help your stress levels go down in the long run and organizing items feels great too!

Disinfect Doorknobs & Wall Plates

Doorknobs & Wall Plates are actually a huge carrier of germs, so make sure you give these a nice sanitation.

Flip Your Mattress

Are you creating an indent in your mattress? Give it a good flip & turn for a refresh. Buy a mattress cover; what a fresh clean feeling!

Wash All Pillows

While you should wash the pillows on your bed once a month, the throw pillows around your house are probably in need of a cleaning; at least the covers. I delicate wash inside out and hang dry!

Deep Clean Sinks

Disinfect the basin and give fixtures a polish for a sink that’s sparkling clean. Old toothbrush to get around faucet base with some bleach cleaner!

Toss Expired Makeup

Yes, I know makeup is expensive,healthy skin starts with fresh clean makeup. Toss sponges and old makeup brushes too!

Stock up on washing machine cleaner and clear out your dryer vent to make sure your clothes will actually smell nice after their next wash. Wipe down outside of machines also; pull away from wall and clean under them also!!

Organize Bathroom Cabinet

Toss expired items and reorganize your bathroom cabinet. Buy some baskets and organizing trays.

Disinfect Remotes & Dust Electronics

Just think about how much you touch your remote with popcorn on your hands and you will automatically reach for those Lysol wipes.

Clean Toilets

Not as easy as you think as hard water builds up under lip of inside basin. Be sure to wash your hands after this!

Clean Bathtub And Shower

Break out the heavy duty products to remove all that extra grime that may be lingering around your tub and shower walls.

Wash curtains, rod, and glass doors; use a squeegee if needed!

Organize Closet

We recommend doing this task over the weekend. This could take longer than you think. If you have not worn it in four years, you might want to think of donating it or selling it! Have your donation boxes ready and call a local organization or consignment store to set an appointment!

Spot Clean Upholstery

Find any marks made on upholstery around your home and give them a treatment. Wash a slipcover on gentle was (don’t ever pour detergent right on them). If washing slipcovers don’t dry fully, put on damp as most shrink. This is okay, it says it on the tag!!

Clear Out Gutters

If you own a home, this is one task you’ll definitely want to do before April showers: if not they could clog and cause damage to your home.

Clean Outdoor Patio

You should definitely sweep your outdoor patio, but also consider power washing your deck for a total refresh.

All Done – Time to enjoy the Spring Now!!


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