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How To Decorate With Farmhouse Ladders

I have a lot of fun working on up cycled projects. As a result, I am always on the lookout for new upcycles to take on, to reuse, repurpose and reinvent.

Ladders work well in many styles of decor, but because of the rustic nature of vintage laddersthey are especially well-suited to farmhouse style decorating. Now more than ever they have such a universal purpose in decorating in any room and any style!

Blankets and throws are perfect for adding some color accents and texture in your home decor, and an essential to have in your home. Not only are they great to have on-hand for for keeping warm, but great for snuggling on the sofa. So, where to display, hang or roll them?

Easy enough… an old wooden fruit tree ladder, or better yet, one that just looks old! You can never have too many blankets, these add warmth and color to any farmhouse coastal decor. I also have a few blankets hung and folded over a distressed wooden ladder that stands angled against my great room wall, this is my favorite place for a ladder!

I always wanted to crochet or knit one, or even learn how to make a patchwork quilt blanket like my husbands grandmother use to make… some day! So, don’t hide that blankets, display them on a ladder!

A display ladder can also be placed in a spare bedroom for guest blankets, a bathroom for hang towels, a laundry room hung from wall diagonally for hanging dried flowers or clothes to dry, closet to organize scarves or belts.

Treasure Coast Consignment & Home Decor actually sells a wooden display ladder that is just perfect, you can purchase it painted, or if you are feeling crafty you can paint it yourself!

Place your potted herbs in an easily accessible location, and you’ll be more likely to snip flavorful leaves. If space is at a premium, create a clever garden shelf using an old ladder.

Try hanging the ladder as a pot rack displaying all your copper, cast iron or favorite cook wear! The ideas and uses are endless; get creative! This is not just an ordinary pot rack – reminds me of the “old world” and my great grandmothers Italian kitchen!

Need a drying rack in your laundry room? You can hang this from the ceiling or drill into wall from side of ladder, but what a cool unique versatile piece!

Bookshelves? I can just see this in a teenagers room, or your recipe books in your kitchen; try a 4 – 5ft. ladder for these shelves!


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