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Chalk Paint Secret Ingredients

It’s really all about finding your own unique style, isn’t it? Remaining true to yourself and finding your motif is a great adventure, and getting there is half the fun. There are so many styles and color variations, to favor one or another inside one article would never do neither you nor I any justice at all. You should have fun while you settle into your own style!

Secret Ingredient

I’m not going to beat around the bush or pretend distressing furniture is for everyone, or that anyone can learn how to paint furniture. Truth is, it’s not for everyone. So what if you collect lots of kudos from your neighbors and friends as they marvel at the work of your hands? Who cares about that?

Painted Furniture Isn’t For Everyone

Oh well, like I said, it’s not for everyone. So what? Well, my house probably looks more like Ralph Lauren’s than yours, and I wouldn’t trade it for the very best that Walmart has to offer… Oooh…was that too harsh? Maybe, but probably not… It’s all in what you want, right? I think the difference simply lies in the amount of elbow grease you’re willing to apply to get what it is you’re after. No offense intended of course!

The Secret Ingredient Revealed

Okay, so the secret ingredient is your creativity. And, the adventure is your goal. Finding your own style and finally making it all come together becomes the holy grail of home design. Just go for it. And what better way is there to find your style than to buy something no one wants and turn it into a treasure? It’s inexpensive and gives you something no other piece will give you: the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself.

Painting Old Furniture Is Not A New Idea

There are many effects that paint can have on old furniture. Endless surface preparation and finished perfection is something you may strive for, and it certainly has its place in the vast world of both old and new furniture, but a distressed look is modern and just so happens to be highly sought after. It’s much easier to create and isn’t hard to learn! You can paint furniture in so many creative ways and there are wonderful lines of products that can help you get just the right look you’re after for turning that curious “ho-hum” piece you found at Goodwill into a minor masterpiece.

At Treasure Coast Consignment we’re leaning heavily toward American Paint Company products as a favorite clay and chalk paint brand. Their long time expertise and focus on beautiful painted finishes inspires us to no end. Really.


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