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How To Decorate With Oars

Oars can bring such a great nautical touch to any beach or lake house, but doesn’t always have to be a home close to the water.

There are so many different ways to incorporate oars into your decor, whether they are displayed on the wall, propped in a corner, or providing a functional use as hooks or in place of a curtain rod.

I like to paint them and sand to distress them, sand them down and whitewash, or even add some sea art to them!

Below are some additional suggestions:

  • This is original, a picture of an octopus pasted on an oar with burned edges. Cool piece to put anywhere!

  • Adding hooks to an oar can create a useful decorative item inside the home or outside by the pool or cabana.

  • Hang them on the wall in bunches or just a few, and I collecting them of all different shapes and sizes can make such a wall of art!

  • Online you can purchase an oar hanger or make one yourself – rustic wood and some hooks!

  • Painting them or leaving them weathered, cracked or chippy is just according to how you would like to decorate!


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