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Birthday Gift Ideas

The number of ways to surprise someone with a simple and awesome birthday gift are indeed unlimited for an unbridled imagination, but even the most creative among us can hit the proverbial wall on occasion. So if you’re just stuck on what to buy for that upcoming birthday…well, read on, We can solve that dilemma for you right now. Regardless of who it’s for.

Your love, affection, or friendship should be expressed with fun gifts from time to time, and birthdays are a perfect time to express yourself! Throughout my life, I cannot count the number of times I’ve spent way too much time thinking about how to surprise my family and friends in new ways. I’ve had plenty of difficulty buying that “just right” something and the feeling usually comes at the last minute.

Let’s dive in and look at birthday gift ideas that can easily cover everyone on your list.

Cash Money


A few or a lot of bills inside of a card are welcomed by everyone at all times. Hands down, this will always work. Who says that money can’t buy happiness? At least until it gets exchanged for what they really want. Don’t be boring! There are lots of ways to be creative when you give cash besides watching it fall out of a card while they open it. Boxing it and wrapping the box comes to mind. You can even make the box look like a tissue box and have bills come out of it like tissue. Gift cards are also another great way to say happy birthday. Getting a gift card to a favorite restaurant or toy store can be a big hit. Just be sure the amount of cash on the card is suitable for the business where it will be used.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket can be for anyone! For children you can fill it with items from the dollar store or it can be filled with all those accessories they need for their Lego set or Barbie. For men, toiletries or varieties of cheese and wine. And for that special lady, perhaps candy, soaps, washcloths and other personal items. How about a movie night gift basket? I love this! Two or three of the latest DVD’s along with popcorn, candy, 3-d glasses and an extra large box of Good And Plenty. Or how about everything they need to go along with their favorite ice cream like cones, dips, peanuts and whatever else that suits your fancy?

A Little Box Of Happiness

Similar to a gift basket, you can investigate a few of your recipient’s favorite inexpensive things and toss them all into one box, then write “A Little Box Of Happiness” or “Rescue Kit” on it. It can have their favorite gum, chips, soda, a notepad and new pen, and maybe their favorite candy bar in it. Sometimes several small inexpensive but well thought out things can go further than something expensive and “everyday” and can foster long-lasting memories as well.

A Good Book

We recently attended a 4 year old birthday party and gave the birthday girl a classic; Aesop’s Fables. Complete with clever and colorful illustrations and gold leaf. We got a letter from her parent’s telling us how much she loves her new book and that they read it to her every night! Everyone has a favorite topic. It doesn’t have to be a novel, either. How about the coveted repair manual for the classic car in the garage? Or perhaps an oragami how-to? Books really do cover it all.

Clothing For The Upcoming Season.

T-shirts and shorts make great spring birthday gifts. A knitted sports team cap is a great fall birthday gift. You get the idea.

So there you have it, just five gift ideas that cover virtually everyone on your list.


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