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Chalk Painted Furniture

Clay, chalk and mineral paints provide the do it yourself with beautiful, eco-friendly paint for transforming old furniture into modern day art pieces using all natural, eco-friendly paint. From whimsical to dramatic, high quality clay paints are in the modern DIY arsenal for furniture revival.

You can create using a plethora of colors and combinations, too.  You’re only limited to your imagination! Use contrasting colors for a dramatic look or a subtle tone on tone combination for a soft look. Outdated and drab furniture can be brought back to life using chalk paint!

You can opt to apply a glaze finish when you finish painting, and the best glazes are highly versatile and can be tinted using a color wash or you can create a special aged finish for a variety of looks too.

Distressed furniture is a highly sought after look, and it can be achieved in surprisingly simple ways using steel wool, sandpaper and some creative imagination.

What is the best part of all? Cleaning shabby chic styled furniture is as simple as wiping it down with a soft cloth, if you waxed. You can also add a small amount of clear wax on your dusting cloth to buff out minor scratches.

Around for a very long time, American Paint Company offers excellent chalk paint and wax products for turning shabby furniture into chic. We also usually carry at least a few shabby chic chalk painted items here at Treasure Coast Home Decor!


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