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How To Create A Perfect Sunroom

Since all the things you could do to personalize your sun room could take all day, we’re just going to talk about the most important things in this article today, and I’ve narrowed it down to 7 things.

You can  prepare your sun drenched hideaway for new paint (a project in itself) then paint the actual sun room, hang curtains, put in carpet, set up lighting fixtures, and finally purchase your furniture and set it in place.

Sun rooms are the perfect area where you can take advantage of the beautiful garden or treasure coast view you may have or simply to bathe in replenishing sun light. In case you’ve already grown tired of your existing sun room and haven’t used it for a while, you might like to come visit Treasure Coast Consignment in Stuart just to check out our showroom for ideas to get you inspired to use and relish your room once again.

Prepare New Paint

The first thing to consider for your new room design is paint. Once you’ve cleared the area around the walls and you’ve chosen your new color, you’ll need to prep the walls and get yourself a thoroughly clean slate that you can work with. If the current color of your sun room is dark, apply a good coat of primer to make sure that none of the old color is visible through the new color, or worse, that it changes the color of your carefully chosen new color. Either way, make sure your surface is clean and primed. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly before applying your final surface coat.

Painting Your Sun Room

Select a color that you want and go to town. If you are shooting for a seaside escape, color the walls a fascinating shade of blue and apply white paint to the ceiling and trim. Most home improvement or paint stores can help you with complimentary colors or you can paint to match your furniture. If you love older furniture quality and look, go check out our gallery page to start the creative juices flowing.

Hang Curtains

If you need to have drapes, then go for it. You can even opt to have blank windows especially since sun rooms are intended to allow sunlight in. If you’ve planned a seashore style, then use linens or perhaps cloth in a white color that are lighter weight.

Include A Matching Area Rug

An area rug just seems to make an area more comfortable for everyone. one design idea might be to put a smaller rug under just a reading chaise or coffee table.

Decorating Your Sunroom

Set decorative accessories in the sun room such as framed pictures, candles, vases, or other decor. If you’re using the seashore motif, use decoration that looks natural. Use a piece of driftwood, coral, some starfish, seashells, or any other coastal charms. Place them on tables, suspended racks, bookshelves, or perhaps the fire place mantle.

Lighting Fixtures For Sunrooms

Don’t just throw in any old lighting. Think it through…then implement! Get a floor lamp to put next to a reading chair. Use a chrome or pewter chandelier style fixture hung in the ceiling in the center of the room. Choose lighting that suits the room and your fancy. With so many style available, you can hardly go wrong, but you may need to give yourself a little time to pick and choose what works best for you.

Get The Right Sunroom Furniture

A couple or a few well placed treasures will go much further than a hoard of chairs and lounges. The right furniture, as opposed to sufficient furniture, will make the room much more appealing. Just don’t overcrowd the room unnecessarily. Put in a a reading chair or two, as well as coffee or side tables or a small sofa. Pick out furniture pieces that compliment who you are and offer the feeling you want your sun room to portray.

There are a variety of styles available at Treasure Coast Consignment that you can select from if you still have not decided which design style you’re ready to go with. If you already have a specific idea in mind, let us know so we can keep an eye out for you.


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