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How To Paint Furniture

One of the easiest ways to elevate a room is to find that perfect painted furniture or create it yourself!

You can add a painted piece that has a totally different color scheme or look than what your room design has – it can be bold or a bit more subtle, but either way, they add that extra “layer”. This can totally change this space and make it memorable and complete the room.

Think of painted furniture as being your own work of art for this room.

I have added a few ideas, photos from my gallery, and suggestions to help you get started and your creative juices flowing!!

Using these painted pieces as an accent piece can tie in with other colors you already are using in the space or this piece can help complete your color scheme to make it more cohesive.

Furniture Paint Ideas

If you have some coral pillows on your sofa but you currently have no other coral anywhere else, use a painted piece that has the same tone of coral. This will help by building your color scheme for the painted piece. It’s completing a room as you with an area rug or painting.

Entryways, hallways, and foyers are incredible places for painted furniture; I actually love them in bathrooms for extra storage. Bathrooms and powder rooms are wonderful places for adding a painted piece of furniture. You can have additional space for towels, bathing items, soaps, lotions, and any items that take up valuable space in your bathroom. You’ll love having so much extra space and keeps the under sink cabinet clutter free & organized!

A painted chest can make an awesome bed night stand and each side does not have to match exactly; just keep the color flow the same – just make sure you choose the right size.

Furniture in our homes has steadily been getting away from all of the furniture in the rooms being matched as a set. We are now adding a couple of pieces and removing our existing, matching furniture and this can be an instant updated look without having to replace all of your furniture.

How about adding a chest or  console some to your breakfast or dining room room? (we aren’t using china cabinets as much these days). This is a great way to add storage for items like place mats, napkins, napkin rings, candles, etc… all of those things you can’t ever find a place for and this will keep them close to your table for ease. You can tie this painted piece by adding a floral centerpiece with the same colors and then finish the room with place mats, napkins and even dinnerware that coordinates.

– Keep in mind when choosing a painted piece for your home that end tables don’t always have to be “end tables”, picture a painted chest in this area instead – it can make a room POP!


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